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‘Morse’ Table by Pudelskern Space Agency

17 Sep

“Like leaving a note on the table, a message is stitched into a steel surface. The code is a secret to the unknowning eye. The different colors define different words. People sit on the letters and place their stuff on the plane – a half and half bench-table.”

‘Morse’ table by Austrian design studio Pudelskern is made of laser cut steel in combination with woollen yarn.


‘Grand Central’ Coffee Table by Sanna Lindstrom and Sigrid Stromgren

27 Aug

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Young Swedish designers Sanna Lindstrom and Sigrid Strömgren’s ‘Grand Central’ folding coffee table opens out like a New York street map. Just like a map the piece neatly expands, and then contracts for easy storage.

‘UN•DEUX•TROIS’ Table by Vito Selma

30 Jul

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Vito Selma designed a series of tables inspired by string art, the arrangement of lines between points to create a geometrical pattern. Continue reading

‘Applied Literature’ Tables by János Hübler

2 Jul

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Some information from the designer:

‘An installation/furniture using concrete in various planimetrical surface and books with concrete history. The absence of the books, due to their various dimensions, form different shapes of various depths and heights. The result: concrete structure will not have a final shape, because, by using it, visitors can change the books or remove them.

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‘Le Belge’ Table by Reinhard Dienes

30 Apr

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‘Le Belge’ by Reinhard Dienes can be used as couch-table, night-table, auxiliary-table or sideboard.

The table-piece is base on a basic construction principle: The elasticity of wood. The flexibility of Oak permits a simple and astonishing way of securing the table-top and legs together by applying pressure using butterfly-screws. Continue reading