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‘Merdivan’ Bookshelf and Seating by Lab Istanbul

20 Aug

Lab Istanbul‘s stepladder shelving now incorporates a bench with cushions so one can read books in the same place they are stored.


‘Turning Boxes’ Shelf by Lab Istanbul

23 Jul

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‘Turning Boxes’ designed by Lab Istanbul are made with metal and lacquered MDF. The storage system consists of a series of boxes that could be used either as a shelf or a container.

‘BlockShelf’ by Amy Hunting

9 Jul

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The designer Amy Hunting describes her ‘BlockShelf’ shelf as followed:

‘The dogma behind this product is probably quite obvious: what can you do with blocks of wood and cotton rope? Using a knot traditionally used for sailing and fishing ,you can pull the strings and the shelf will disassemble. Continue reading

‘Sliding Shelves’ by Lutz Hüning

28 May

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‘Sliding Shelves’ by Lutz Hüning are boxes that move along a wooden track affixed to a wall. ‘The shelves are of different sizes and colors and can easily be removed and/or changed. Continue reading

‘Seven Skirts’ Shelf by Piurra Furnituring

14 May

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‘Seven Skirts by Piurra Furnituring is based on an old Portuguese tradition.
‘Fisher women here still wear seven colorful layers of skirts, as well as wooden clogs and a predominantly black headscarf.

It is said that they represent the seven days of the week, the seven colors in the rainbow, the seven waves in a set and many other biblical, mythical and magical attributions which involve the number seven.’

Material: Plywwod
Dimensions (cm): W180 H60 D40
Available in several colors.

‘José Collection’ Furniture by Mauricio Arruda

23 Apr

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photo by Felipe Morozini

Brazilian designer Mauricio Arruda has designed a collection of storage units that house ubiquitous plastic crates.

Called ‘José Collection’, the crates are made of recycled plastic and slot neatly into specially-made wooden frames with steel legs.

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