‘UN•DEUX•TROIS’ Table by Vito Selma

30 Jul

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Vito Selma designed a series of tables inspired by string art, the arrangement of lines between points to create a geometrical pattern. Continue reading


‘Turning Boxes’ Shelf by Lab Istanbul

23 Jul

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‘Turning Boxes’ designed by Lab Istanbul are made with metal and lacquered MDF. The storage system consists of a series of boxes that could be used either as a shelf or a container.

‘Cube’ Magazine Rack by Nendo

16 Jul

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This rectangular magazine rack by Nendo appears to stand on one corner. Unlike an ordinary box, which has only one lid, it opens in three directions, and is divided into three complementary spaces inside. The rack stands on an angle, making magazines easy to slide in and out, and providing good support even for thin magazines.

Cube is a monochromatic cube supported by a vertex; thanks to the side openings, it collects magazines and newspapers neatly and elegantly.

Available via: www.arketipo.com.

‘BlockShelf’ by Amy Hunting

9 Jul

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The designer Amy Hunting describes her ‘BlockShelf’ shelf as followed:

‘The dogma behind this product is probably quite obvious: what can you do with blocks of wood and cotton rope? Using a knot traditionally used for sailing and fishing ,you can pull the strings and the shelf will disassemble. Continue reading

‘Applied Literature’ Tables by János Hübler

2 Jul

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Some information from the designer:

‘An installation/furniture using concrete in various planimetrical surface and books with concrete history. The absence of the books, due to their various dimensions, form different shapes of various depths and heights. The result: concrete structure will not have a final shape, because, by using it, visitors can change the books or remove them.

Continue reading

‘Land Peel’ Mat by Shin Yamashita

25 Jun

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‘Land Peel’ designed by Shin Yamashita, a student at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, is made by panels which can be lifted in order to create various furniture objects.

‘Land Peel’ can turn into a comfortable seating item, a table or a writing desk just by doing a few simple moves. When it is not used, it can simply be packed up and stored in a locker somewhere.

’380 Tiles’ Stools by Vicolo Paglia Corta

18 Jun

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Scavenged keys from discarded Apple laptops are turned into tile mosaics by Bologna’s Vicolo Paglia Corta. The tiles, made from a total of 9500 keys, are used for the top of 25 oak stools that fall into one of three themes: letters, numbers and symbols.