‘Off The Wall’ 3D Wallpaper by Kicki Edgren Nyborg

13 Aug

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Off the Wall‘ has been chosen by Swedish Trend Group to exhibit at Formex, Stockholm Fair, Sweden 21-24 January in the Young Designers area.

The idea behind Off the Wall

The idea was to make a 3-dimensional wallpaper, which gives an additional function more than just decoration. The wallpaper would roll out away from the wall as if it came to life.

Wallpapers goes out into the room, test their limits and turn a moment into something else and then go back and establish themselves in their traditional role and place.

The consequences of this trip can be seen in the pattern. There is not enough stripes down to the floor, they are teared down or stretched out. Confused forms lose their rhythm, clump together and fall down.

Off the wall – Wallpaper with a third dimension

Off the Wall is a 3-dimensional wallpaper. The concept consists of two elements – wallpaper and 3-dimensional shapes of acrylic sheets forming shelves and lamp shades.

The 3-dimensional shape is maintained over the wallpaper and set against the wall with the same wallpaper. The result is that the wallpaper seems to come alive, bulges and rolls up, and forms to shelves and lamp shades.

The shelves are sold together with specially designed wallpapers with exciting designs. The wallpaper is printed on demand by Your Wallpaper. The entire collection will be presented at http://www.kredema.se at the launch in January 2010.


The wallpaper is printed digitaly on demand by Stockholm based company Your Wallpaper, well known for its high quality. It’s delivered on 45 cm rolls. The material is “non wowen” paper.


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