‘UN•DEUX•TROIS’ Table by Vito Selma

30 Jul

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Vito Selma designed a series of tables inspired by string art, the arrangement of lines between points to create a geometrical pattern.

From Vito Selma:

“It is the consequential arrangement of things that come in threes: the stages of creation, repair and regression; the union of earth, water and sun; the spirit, heart and mind of a living thing. It is the tri-part rhythm of all things that live as they begin their dance to existence and achieve a full culmination. It is the tapping to a music that coaxes flowers out of winter hiding, and guides them to a seasonal bloom. Un is the first call to awakening, Deux is the movement that makes everything come into contact, Trois as the binding of everything in its place.”

“My style is a play of lines, a test of the limitations of wood, and an evolution in itself. Showing the defined organic lines of the grain of wood is very important to me. This series of tables is inspired from STRING ART, the arrangement of lines between points to create a GEOMETRICAL PATTERN. By creating a more 3-D version of this art, it gives it more depth.”

“This table is made of either Pine or Mahogany wood, all coming from sustainably harvested forests. Aside from this, the wooden rods that are used as ‘string’ in this table is made from recycled or unwanted wooden parts of legs and arms of chairs.”


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