‘CLAMPS’ Furniture Family by Alberto Valessi

7 May

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Photos: Marco Poderi + Kumo Lab (lights)

‘As part of the Transfurniture project by Alberto Valessi of AVDW, the ‘CLAMPS’ family tries to bring function back at the center of the design process, getting inspired by the world of logistics and mass transportation.

The family is made of 6 containers, high, mid, low and hangers. Each of them uses no screws, nails or glue, but they are kept toghether by the industrial belts and clamps. This project is thought, knowing that someday, the products will be garbage, and for that time, we will have to deal just with wood.

Every object is made of solid fir wood, natural on the outside, varnished on the inside, as to remind that, even in a strange language, we are still talking about design pieces. The colours come from the old industrial machines, wich had a big green body and orange handles.

Knowing that today, every object or product we have around us, has been traveling, these objects are thought to travel as they are designed on the base of the most common pallets, to use the most space possible in containers or during storage.’


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