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‘Sliding Shelves’ by Lutz Hüning

28 May

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‘Sliding Shelves’ by Lutz Hüning are boxes that move along a wooden track affixed to a wall. ‘The shelves are of different sizes and colors and can easily be removed and/or changed. Continue reading


‘Seletti Stack’ by Alessandro Zambelli

21 May

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Seletti Stack‘ by Alessandro Zambelli is a colorfully personalized approach to stackable storage solutions.

The interlinking metal cabinet system debuted as part of Seletti’s “Augmented Reality” exhibit at Superstudio during the recent Milan Design Week. Continue reading

‘Seven Skirts’ Shelf by Piurra Furnituring

14 May

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‘Seven Skirts by Piurra Furnituring is based on an old Portuguese tradition.
‘Fisher women here still wear seven colorful layers of skirts, as well as wooden clogs and a predominantly black headscarf.

It is said that they represent the seven days of the week, the seven colors in the rainbow, the seven waves in a set and many other biblical, mythical and magical attributions which involve the number seven.’

Material: Plywwod
Dimensions (cm): W180 H60 D40
Available in several colors.

‘CLAMPS’ Furniture Family by Alberto Valessi

7 May

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Photos: Marco Poderi + Kumo Lab (lights)

‘As part of the Transfurniture project by Alberto Valessi of AVDW, the ‘CLAMPS’ family tries to bring function back at the center of the design process, getting inspired by the world of logistics and mass transportation. Continue reading