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‘Le Belge’ Table by Reinhard Dienes

30 Apr

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‘Le Belge’ by Reinhard Dienes can be used as couch-table, night-table, auxiliary-table or sideboard.

The table-piece is base on a basic construction principle: The elasticity of wood. The flexibility of Oak permits a simple and astonishing way of securing the table-top and legs together by applying pressure using butterfly-screws. Continue reading


‘José Collection’ Furniture by Mauricio Arruda

23 Apr

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photo by Felipe Morozini

Brazilian designer Mauricio Arruda has designed a collection of storage units that house ubiquitous plastic crates.

Called ‘José Collection’, the crates are made of recycled plastic and slot neatly into specially-made wooden frames with steel legs.

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‘Barrique’ Kitchen by Ernestomeda

16 Apr

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Barrique is inspired by the all-Italian tradition of good fellowship, fostered by the pleasure of savouring a fine wine or sophisticated dish.

The warmth of wood, the timeless beauty of glass, and the subtle shades of bordeaux, brown and grey. Continue reading